PowerTeacher Grade Book

Before setting up your gradebook, you will need to download the Installer and access your gradebook using the desktop icon after the Installer is downloaded. Linked below titled “Gradebook Installer” are the PDF directions for downloading the Installer.

Gradebook Installer


Below is a nine (9) minute video on how to set up your grade book and enter assignments. I recorded this video for another local school division as a favor, and am posting this since I do not have a grade book myself to set up. I realize this is an important item that all teachers would like to get done sooner rather than later.

A few key things to remember in the video that are different but does not affect setup:

  1. The school year is clearly 2016-17 not the year mentioned in the video
  2. The school may have different category types than the ones listed (simply click the (+) to add appropriate categories in lower left corner)
  3. Category weights (percentages) may be different
  4. Parent Portal is active with Caroline County Public Schools


Printing Interims

The PDF Attachment titled Interim Report Template will guide you through the steps to print your interims on one sheet for your students.

Interim Report Template