Socrative Response System

Socrative Response System is an easy way to turn any device into a clicker for students to complete an assessment whether it be informal or formal. Teachers can create a free account and create various assessments where students access by the teacher’s room number randomly generated by the site. Results are live, disaggregated, and downloadable into Microsoft Excel. For more information on using Socrative visit the website at¬†and/or view the PDF instructions below.

Socrative Response System

TPACK Model?

We probably have all heard about 21st Century Learning, and at some point we are going to be so far in the 21st Century that this term will slowly fade away. It sorta has begun that process. Growing in popularity, and more researched based in preparing our students for society, is the TPACK model. This model is an integration of Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge. The diagram below details the differences in integrating two (2) of the three (3) topics of the framework, and explains when all three components of the framework are integrated.

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Brightlink and Easy Interactive Software

For those teachers that have the Epson Brightlink projectors, there is a software component to them as well. This is called Easy Interactive Software. This software has slightly more capabilities than the general white space offered from the projector alone. As I have been coming around working with those of you that have these technologies, the Easy Interactive Software and/or Smart Notebook software will meet most all of your needs.


Welcome to the 2016-17 School year. I will be the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) for Bowling Green Elementary School. I am beginning my fifteenth year in education, and am excited to be returning to Caroline County Public Schools after a two (2) year leave to work in higher education. I look forward to working with students, teachers, and personnel in increasing technology use within the classroom and other school environments.